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이산수학진행중 강좌
2015학년도 2학기 강의공개 과목
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  • 한국어
  • 22주
  • 1주/0시간
  • 수료증 미발급

강의 유의사항

본 강의는 공개강좌에 해당하는 과목으로 강의에 대한 질의응답을 받지 않고 있습니다.

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An introduction to the theory of mathematical computation for the computer science and engineering. Problem areas include: elementary concepts of sets, logic, probability, relations, functions, and Order Relations.


We hope everyone in this class is able to understand the basic concepts of discrete mathematics from the computer science perspectives, and to code them using C or C++ programming language.

강좌 목차

주차 차시
1 2015-2_이산수학.01 Sets and subsets1
2 2015-2_이산수학.02 Sets and subsets2
3 2015-2_이산수학.03 Operations on sets
4 2015-2_이산수학.04 Properties of intergers1
5 2015-2_이산수학.05 Properties of intergers2
6 2015-2_이산수학.06 Matrices
7 2015-2_이산수학.07 Propositions and logical operations
8 2015-2_이산수학.08 Methods of proof
9 2015-2_이산수학.09 Validity
10 2015-2_이산수학.10 Inference rules
11 2015-2_이산수학.11 Mathematical induction
12 2015-2_이산수학.12 Permutations
13 2015-2_이산수학.13 Elements of probability
14 2015-2_이산수학.14 Recurrence relations
15 2015-2_이산수학.15 Product sets and partitions
16 2015-2_이산수학.16 Properties of ralations
17 2015-2_이산수학.17 Equivalence relations
18 2015-2_이산수학.18 Functions
19 2015-2_이산수학.19 Growth of functions
20 2015-2_이산수학.20 Partially ordered sets1
21 2015-2_이산수학.21 Partially ordered sets2
22 2015-2_이산수학.22 Circuit designs